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New kids on the block ‘Lost//Youth’ make music for the lost souls

After gaining traction with their debut single Mayhem, Lost//Youth drops their second single, Sinner. The heart-breaking alt/folk track reveals the group’s softer side and showcases lead singer, Alanna Joy’s haunting vocals and vulnerable songwriting.


The song tells the tale of the forlorn and explores the confusion that comes after being left by someone who made and then broke promises of love. The narrative, in some ways, mirrors the stages of grief, developing from a melancholic wistfulness to an emotional crescendo and ending in a sweet but sorrowful calm. The song fits the band's identity, speaking to people who feel lost, while being reminiscent of a sound that has been all but lost to the modern scene.

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Lost//Youth - Sinner
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Notable achievements


  • 2021 Mayhem featured on Apple music 'New In Alternative' & 'New Music Daily' Playlist

  • 2021 Mayhem featured on Spotify's 'SA Rock Essentials' & 'New Music Fridays South Africa' playlists

Alanna Joy:

  • 2020 featured on the SA Rock Essentials Spotify playlist with track 'Too Late' 

  • 2019 Splashy Fen Festival

  • 2019 Sofar Sounds Cape Town

  • 2018 Featured on Apple Music's 'Best of the Week',  Spotify's 'New Music Fridays' and Deezer's 'Unwrapped SA' playlists 

Quotes from the artist:

Alanna Joy (lead singer):

 “Sinner was actually inspired by a lost friendship, someone who quickly became an integral part of my life and then left just as abruptly. It’s about the shock of being abandoned by someone who claimed to love you."

Faghri Hendricks (lead guitar):

“Sinner is one of those sensitive, softer tracks that's somehow also dark at the same time. I tried to take an atmospheric approach to the guitar parts, with various swells and howls – sometimes using old Duracell batteries as a slide. The bridge is where the song really gets aggressive and gains some attitude with a bit of overdrive, before returning to a quiet, restful outro.” 

Band Biography:

Lost//Youth is here to save you from the modern noise. The alt/rock band, formed in 2021, brings something new to the table while being reminiscent of bands from before their time. With acoustic elements, epic guitar solos and sincere lyricism, the group delivers a unique and yet nostalgic experience.


With diverse, anti-modern influences such as Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Tracy Chapman, KALEO and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, their music is hard to define - and that's exactly how they like it. Their upcoming two-part project, playing off the concepts of the light and dark, will help define their sound as malleable and yet inherently distinctive.


Lead singer Alanna Joy brings an amalgamation of fierce and tender elements through her vocal style and tells stories of love, heartbreak and searching for something more. The group's sound is driven by heavy, melodic bass played by Charlie Charles and driving, passionate electric guitar by Faghri Hendricks. Their drummer, Dan Paulse, who performed with the Medicine Dolls and Frances Clare, concretes their rock grooves and brings a unique style to their softer songs.

Lost//Youth full band photo Sinner
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0027 79910 2565

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